Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Weston?

 King Pediatric Dentistry is here to jumpstart your child’s smile journey with our $150 new patient special! Preventive care is the foundation for a flourishing smile. Which is why this awesome deal has everything your mini majesty needs to sustain sparkling oral health and show off their pearly whites with pride. 
*New patients only. Not valid for use with insurance.


New Patient Special:

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$150 New Patient Special Includes

Cleaning a tooth

Thorough Cleaning

 Our caring experts will gently polish your kiddo’s teeth and gums to keep those lovable little chompers spotless and strong for their adventures ahead.


Comprehensive Exam

Let’s learn about your child’s smile! Dr. King will scope out their one-of-a-kind grin while providing informative, individualized care every step of the way.

Dental X-ray

Digital X-Rays

Like super-powered smile binoculars, our digital x-rays give us a safe, detailed view of your tiny one’s teeth to ensure even the sneakiest sugar bugs don’t go unseen.

A Royal Experience for Every Child

 At King Pediatric Dentistry, we aim to make every child feel like the royalty that they are. Whether it’s your bundle of joy’s very first dental visit or you have a little one with special needs, Dr. King and our attentive professionals are at their service with the highest levels of pediatric care and a whole lot of fun. Reach out to our team today to get started!

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Have Questions About King Pediatric Dentistry?

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (954) 451-0265 to speak with our team!

Will There Be Any Additional Costs at My child's First Visit?

Our $150 new patient special completely covers the cost of your child’s cleaning, exam, and x-rays, so there will be no additional fees to fear! If Dr. King discovers any dental issues, she will always address your child’s needs with compassion and create a pressure-free treatment plan that fits your family’s unique budget.

What Happens After My child's First Visit?

After your child’s first visit, they’ll leave with a glistening smile and a dental treatment plan tailored just for them. We encourage you and your child to drop by within the next six months for a regular preventive checkup. Routine visits are key to keeping your child’s smile in tip-top shape and establishing optimal oral hygiene as they grow!

Can I Use Dental Insurance?

 Absolutely! While our $150 new patient special can’t be combined with insurance, we accept an array of dental insurance plans to help keep outstanding pediatric dental care affordable for all families in Weston and surrounding communities.

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 Upbeat Atmosphere

We’ve designed a sunny, awe-inspiring space where your child’s innate creativity, wonder, and love for learning can run wild! 

 Customized Care

From your little one’s personality to their eating habits and favorite colors, we take our cues from the unique details that make your child as special as they are.

Kid-Friendly Experts

We’re home to the happiest bunch of pediatric dental pros who share a passion for honing their craft and providing the absolute best care for your child.

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